I saw a commercial for Father's Day gifts from Radio Shack when I began to wonder if my DH has plans with his Dad this year? Then I remember, probably not because DH's step mom won't let his Dad out of her sight long enough to go pee let alone spend time with his ONLY SON!!!!

Step Mom makes me so mad at times! Dad married her literally 20 days before I married DH! She was really nice at first, great person, very friendly. She was a single mother who was rebuilding her life & it seemed she found what she needed in DH's dad. She claimed to love DH as she loves her own daughter. BUT over the years Step Mom has become impossible! If there is ever a time when DH wants to hang out with his dad, Dad has to make sure that Step Mom has no other plans, which she ALWAYS has something planned! And if DH needs help with something (i.e. working on the car or money) Step Mom basically says forget it!

A few Christmases ago DH was flat out told by Step Mom that they weren't going to get very much for our 4 kids for Christmas because money was tight. No biggie right? Well then we find out that money is only tight because they were paying 1/2 of her daughter's apartment rent, buying her furniture for the apartment, & oh....they bought BRAND NEW TIRES for the car THEY BOUGHT HER!!!

The kids & I have not seen DH's Dad or Step Mom & Step Sister since last spring (spring of 2007) when I took the kids to their house for Step Sister's high school graduation party. We never see them during the Holidays because for Thanksgiving they always go to North Carolina to visit her brother & Dad's side of the family dislikes her for acting as if she is superior to them so they do not come to Christmas dinner at Dad's sister's house. A few years ago Dad's mother was ill, so his baby sister took Christmas dinner upon herself. Everything was prepared the night before, all Step Mom was asked to bring was a pie. Each year Grandpa does dishes, but with Grandma sick, he was busy doing other things. Someone (I don't know who) casually mentioned that it would be nice if someone helped Grandpa with the dishes (cuz you know old guy was still gonna do it them LOL). "I did my job, I brought the pie like I was asked" was Step Mom's response! OMG! She's what???.....50 years old? And gives a teenager response like that! Seriously! So, Dad's sister said something to the effect of "It would be nice if someone got off her butt (I used a polite word) & did something because she made dinner, Grandma was sick, & Grandpa shouldn't be doing anything at all." That got a "I'm a guest, I shoudn't have to work." HELLO!!!!! YOU'RE FAMILY WOMAN!!! YOU SHOULD GET OFF YOUR BUTT & HELP YOUR HUSBAND'S PARENTS OUT! So this is basically why she isn't welcomed by Dad's side of the family. I, as the mother of 4 of their 6 great grandchildren, (my job is to sit, relax, & take care of the kids...per Grandma) don't have to help out BUT I STILL OFFER!!!!

So, with Father's Day around the corner, I know the only thing that will be done for Dad is DH calling & telling him Happy Father's Day....No dinner out, no catching a movie, nothing except a phone call! How sad!!!

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