Well today is the 44th anniversary of my moms passing.   She died in 1964 2 days before my 10th birthday.  That was a hard year I dont think i really knew what happened.  The rest of the family was determined to have a birthday party for me.  They did there best and it was ok.  The burial was the day after my birthday.  She had a heart defect that was never detected until after her death.  I remember her as loving but always sickly.  She did spoil me at christmas time though.Even though it has been a long time I always remember this day.  Around my birthday I fell happ and sad at the same tiem.  I wish she could have lived to see me marry , see her four granddaughters,and her 8 great grandchildren.  I think she would be proud.  My dad passed away almost 20 year ago.   

when Rick and I married  I grew to love and cherish my mother-in-law, when she passed away  I truly lost a mother and great friend.  When my father-in-law passed we also lost a great person, and a very wise man.

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Aug. 3, 2008 at 10:20 PM

that is a hard one.i still mourn sometimes,my mom passed away will be 7 yrs.in january and i,ve had a really rough time with it,she had gotten sick all of a sudden with and unusual cancer and two weeks after being told she passed away.they called it a small non celled cancer that arrived slow and ate fast taking 3/4 of her lungs,limpnoids in her throat and underarms,2nd.and 3rd.ribs and punctured a hole in her heart.she was only 58 when she died,never even got to meet her first great grand-child.and yes she would be proud and so would your mom.love ya

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Jul. 8, 2009 at 11:56 PM

 Yes it is hard to lose your parents  my mom and my mom-in-law deid and had their service with in 3 months of each other 21 years ago. Both were great woman who I learn a lot from. My father pass away from lung cancer about about ten years ago and we lose my father -in-law about 3 years before that. OUr dad;s teach us the meaning of hard work. I miss them all.

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