In the five years we've been married DH and I have talked about a lot of things.  Including pets.  I like dogs and snakes, don't like cats, fish, and rodents.  DH likes dogs. Period.  I only want one pet, because of the work.  (after all I already have three kids, hubby, and 1 dog in a 1 bedroom house).  He only wants one pet, because it's hard enough to find a sitter when we go out of town (for the dog).  So what on Earth possessed him to bring home a 6 week old kitten?  "I thought the girls would like him"  The girls are 4 and 3, so they pretty much like anything but bugs.  They also fell in love in about 15 seconds flat.  And DH won't take it back.  So guess who gets to add him to her cleaning, feeding, training, discipline, where does this fit in the budget routine?  Yep, mom.

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