Dylan had a psychiatrist appointment yesterday, the first in several months. He had been doing so well, he graduated from Occupational therapy and skills training and has had no problems in school. However, he has at home. He's just been very arguementative, refusing to take his meds, or take a shower, or go to bed. Obsessing over his Nintendo DS. Having a melt down over not getting cake before dinner. He has really been testing his limits. And it's getting harder for me to do anything about it. I can't spank the stinkin' kid, he runs from me, he wrestles, he struggles. He throws tantrums and kicks his door and bangs his head on the counter tops. I am just at my wits end. Plus, he just randomly decides to get insulting and just says the meanest rudest things, or has bizarre conversations that I don't want to discuss with him such as getting mad that I didn't breastfeed him and demanding the I do it now. On the other hand, he can be sweet. Sickly sweet. Mom you're a princess and I can't live without you sweet. The doctor is now adding Oppostional Defiant Disorder to the diagnosis. She also is still talking about ruling out psychosis, especially since bipolar and schizophrenia are in my family.

     I lost his insurance, he had Minnesota Care.  I made a payment late, and they suspended me for a month and gave me 20 days to make the next payment or I would  be disenrolled. I made the next payment after work (after 5pm), so it was not posted until the next day. So they cancelled him. The woman that I talked to said that I can appeal it, but their rules are very strict and I won't likely get it back. And I cannot reapply for 4 months I tried to explain his needs and his diagnosis, but she said that it didn't matter. The psychiatrist wants him on Seroquel (anti pschotic) because she said it is a mood stabilizer and could help with the outbursts. She also said that it could slow down the onset of the psychossis that she suspects he may develop. Seroquel does not have a generic as covered by the Target/Walmart $4 generic list. None of the drugs in it's class, the atypical antipsychotics, are on the list. He will have to have a typical antipsychotic or antidepressant. He is already on Celexa for anxiety and Clonodine for sleep/aggrression. I just don't know if I want to mess with the stronger typical antipsychotics. I am going to appeal and then look into MA/TEFRA in the mean time.

     The psychiatrist also wants to see him in a private or magnet school for middle school. We have one more year until then. Are these good enough causes to appeal the SSI denial? Anyone have any experience with that?

       Ugh, it's such a rollercoaster around here. He is doing so great in some areas, then not others. Or doing great all around, then we backslide.  They graduate him from the therapie then he struggles. I wish they wouldn't graduate him so quickly. The doctor said to give him the summer off then start it all up again next school year. Has anyone tried that? How did that go? 

       Thoughts, people? Please. THANKS!


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