Our toddler started hitting us back when we hit him on his hand when he does something bad. Also I dont know where he got this but I think it is from daycare. But he says "GO" and points for us to leave. I understands when he does it when he wants private time to poop but other than that he just says it for us to get away. What advise do you all have? Does your child do that?

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:56 PM

when my sons did that whole go thing unless they were going to the bathroom i would stand right there and tell him no if he said it again i told him no in a louder harsher tone and gave him 3 chances to turn his attitude around then he got a time ou or no tv or had to sit at the naughty table for dinner instead of with the family. my son sat at the naughty table many times and watched us eat ice cream he screamed and cried but all my b/f said to him was you shouldnt have hit your mom or ben rude to mommy because only good boys get treats. as for hitting try a wooden spoon instead of your hand for a spanking if need beput his legs in between yours and gently hold him down its harder for them to get away with being bad and shows that you are in charge. just dont be afraid to say no and mean it!

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Nov. 14, 2008 at 8:19 AM

children deserve to be treated how you want to be treated.....so I believe with all my heart hitting is beyond wrong, along with putting a child down, children are not bad or naughty there behavior may be but not them. What is wrong with giving children some space, at two years old children want some alone time to play and explore. I could not be more disgusted with the previous post I pity there child who has to live in there home. There are some great books out there about attachment parenting and Gentle discipline.

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