Do to the recent number of foreclose-rs my husband and I lost our home we was renting and had to move in with my mother which is hell she goes trough our room,our mail not only that they smoke really bad so it's bad for my kids she really dont like my husband and keeps me in an angry state all the time but due to rising cost having trouble getting money saved to move out the biggest issue is she undermines me with my 2 boys If I say they cant due something she lets them and so on then tells me it's my fault if the get sick or something I work full time and so does hubby so she babysits which is worse 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:15 PM

Save every penny you can, girl.  You need OUTA THERE really quick!  What else is available?  Anything?  Not a good situation for ALL involved.  You, DH, your kids and even your parents.  Keep looking for a place, maybe somebody will take a chance on you.  :-)

And should you be mad? Yeah!  But, what good will it do?  You gotta keep your cool until you can get away.


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