I LOVED to read as a child, and I still do - although I don't have the time for it like I used to! My favorites changed as I grew up, but my first set of favorite books would have to be "The Boxcar Children." I loved their ingenuity and how they always got out of tough situations and make the most out of what they had.

As I got older, I really enjoyed the "Little House on the Prairie" books as well as the tv show. I was very drawn to the simplicity and ingenuity of the pioneer lifestyle as well as the closeness of the family unit. I suppose I am still that same person in many ways - we consider family the most important aspect of our lives and I am always trying to find the most simple, natural way to do things! As a girl I wanted to be a cross between Laura and Mary, and now I think that Caroline Ingalls was just about the most amazing, strong woman ever!

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