(Please bear with me...this gets long!)

My son graduated last night! Praise the LORD! It was a tough battle, but he did it and I am one proud MOM!

The night started out sweet...but ended up with a heartache for me.

I was thrilled that my son had graduated, but as the evening progressed, it ended in tears for me.

Both during and after the graduation my friend, Linda, was taking pictures for me and I wanted one with my inlaws. My MIL had to use the restroom and couldn't stand for very long, waiting for us to finish with our photo she and her husband had gone to the car. I was trying to convince my friend to stay so we could get that picture, as it was getting dark outside.

She had wanted to go home because her grandson was going to the zoo the next morning and she'd wanted the camera for taking pictures there. Plus, she was tired and hot from being inside a stifling gymnasium.

I asked her if I could keep the camera and take a picture of them at our house and then just drop off the camera when we were done, as we don't live too far away from each other. She handed me the camera in a huff.. I didn't have a firm hold on it, and I accidentally dropped it. She got mad and left.

When I got in the car, I got the camera out to see the pictures we had taken. But to my dismay, it wouldn't even come on!!! I was really scared that I had broke it...and was hoping that it was just a wore out battery pack, as we'd taken over 100 pictures.

When we got to our house, I thought maybe I could take a picture using another camera that Linda had loaned me a while back. The only thing wrong with it, is the flash on it quit working. So I thought I could get one outside. Unfortunately, it was too dark, so my MIL let me use her disposable camera promising me she'd give me a picture when they were developed.

I quickly went inside, downloaded the pictures off her chip, so she could have an empty chip to use for her trip to the zoo.

When I got to her house, I was in I knew the camera was probably broke...but hoping and praying that it wasn't. I asked her for the other battery pack to see if it would work...but to no avail.

She got HOT with me and started yelling at me...saying things like I couldn't hold on to a !*$!#@#@ thing! (Lately I have been having problems with being able to hold on to things...and dropping them.)   I told her it was just an accident and that I was sorry I had dropped it. She got really hot and told me to get out and that she didn't want to see me again.

I went running out of the house in tears and my son drove me back home as I was hysterically crying all the way home.

When I got home, I tore in the house and straight upstairs and cried myself to sleep. We had a house full of family that were there to celebrate with cake and ice cream. Everyone was quite concerned and didn't stay very long afterwards.

Today, my husband let me go to town to buy her another camera to replace the one I had broke. The camera cost $200.00. We didn't have quite enough to cover all of it, so we had to hock a couple of wedding rings and cashed in our bottle returns in order to have just enough to get it. I took it over to her house with a note that simply said , "I am very sorry."

She called later and apologized to me. She said she was sorry she'd blown up about it when she shouldn't have. She also apologized for hurting me the way she did.

I told her that a camera is replaceable...but a true friendship is not.

Things are better now...but the sad thing is...I've lost valuable time with my oldest son who's home from the Army on a short leave, along with his family. Needless to has been a day of emotional turmoil for me. But...praise the LORD...He's given me enough grace to make it through yet another day.



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Jun. 4, 2008 at 9:17 PM Oh no, I'm so sorry.  That's awful she was so cruel to you.  We all make mistakes.  Is this the same one you were saying is giving you the cold shoulder? 

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Aug. 5, 2008 at 6:16 PM

oh wow she was giving you the cold shoulder?!?!  and she is suppose to be your best friend?!?!! you need to get another friend because if she was truley your best friend she would be more understanding to begin with. she knew you were having a hard time holding things so she should have been a little more careful so it's her fault also.  dumb bitch!! i'm sorry but you don't deserve a better friend than her.  and then she's giving you the cold shoulder!?!!? who does she think she is God!!  i mean come on like she has never made mistakes in her life.  well good luck girl!! i hope that everything works out for you.

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