I have been tagged to write 7 facts about myself. Here's how it works I write 7 facts about myself and then tag 7 people to do the same, then let them know on their page, they have been tagged and direct them to this post.

1.  I love bookstores and craft stores

2.  I love to read

3. I would love to have 6 or more kids (Hubby says not with him LOL)

4. My MIL gets on my nerves (everyones nerves) but we hang out and talk on the phone all the time.

5. My mom is my best friend.  We can talk for 2 hours everyday about something different (amazes my hubby)

6. I hope Baby#3 due in November is a boy

7. We love going to church and seeing God work in our lives everyday

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 3:39 PM

I'm writing in blue because I hope you get a boy, too... They are really cool... Are you going to name him a "K" name??? I think you should... What do you have in mind??? Well, this is a pretty fun game... Thanks for tagging me... I won't tag you again but I'd like you to come check out my journal if you have time... Love ya... Have a great afternoon... Ttyl....

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 3:55 PM Thanks, I hope we have our boy also.  We talked about not doing a K name b/c we get turned around with our girls.  I really like Hunter Alexander and Andrew Mason, but last night I did think of a K name, Kaiden Alexander.  Got to see what hubby thinks.  Maybe we should work on a few girl names just in case LOL.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 4:26 PM

Awwwww.... Man!!!! I totally love the name Kaiden... It's really a nice name for a boy... It sounds good with Alexander, too.... I like the other 2 names you have picked out, too.... But you don't hear Kaiden to much so I really like that one.... Would you do another "K" name if it was a girl??? I guess it probably wouldn't hurt to get a couple picked out just in case.... But let's just claim a boy in Jesus name!!!! Lol...

Yep, I really am a shy person... Not so much on the puter.... But in person, I really am.... We're alot alike... I love to be home alone.... I've always been kind of a loner... Even when I was a kid...

Man that wind is really blowing... I live in a mobile home with a medal roof, and the wind is just rolling right over it making all kinds of racket... Lol.... Sounds like a train is on the roof... Lol....

Well, I'm going to let you go for now but I have really enjoyed chatting with you, my sweet & kind friend... I pray many blessings your way.... Love ya, and take care of yourself, and your sweet little girls.... Ttyl....

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