Today was Amani's first day of daycare. I was a tiny bit nervous but nowhere near as nervouse as my mother was. She was a wreck. We had some business to take care of and we finished that like 10 this morning. We went home cuz I really needed some sleep. The whole time my mom is like " I wonder what the baby's doing? I wonder if they hold her wen she cries. I hope they can deal with her wen she's cranky'. I had to reassure her like 20 times and she  called them and so did I. I took a three hour nap once I was reassured and wen I woke up my mom was upstairs thinking about Amani. I picked her up @ 4pm and she seemed mad with me and once we got home she was happy with me again. She just has to get used to the fact that I won't be with her all day. Her daycare teacher said she cried wen I left but got over it quickly. I'm proud of her and she will be going back tomorrow!!!

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