My little guy is 19 months old and has been really testing his independence and our boundaries for him.  The word "NO" really use to work and on occassion still does, but that has faded rather quickly and now he will try anything w/out hesitation.  We've been advised to start a consistent discipline plan, Any ideas out there for this age group and how I most effectivley can teach my child to listen and follow the rules we've set for him.  I appreciate any type of feedback or advise Thank You

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 10:47 PM

My husband and have found that physical discipline does not work. We have our, "mad mommy/daddy" voices and we use time out. Since you child is closer to two, I'd suggest you find a chair, corner or even his bed to put him in time out for two minutes. Even though our son is just 22 months we try to get on his level and explain why he can't do what he did and why he is punished. Also if he has anything he is attached to, (our sons is his Thomas train and his Thomas the train movie) I threaten to not let him watch his "choo choo" movie before bed (which is his routine) and with me just saying "NO! Choo Choo" He straightens up and usually does not do what ever he had done before again. He does have a "time out chair" that he knows what it is, at first he didn't understand so we just kept putting him on it, until his "time" was up, and now all we usually have to say is "go to your time out chair, two mintues"

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 11:29 PM Continue to tell him NO for the things you don't want him to do. Anything dangerous (i.e. touching cords or pulling the cat's tail) gets an automatic spank on the butt or hand. If you don't spank, then I suggest a firm grip on his arm or something like that. I think it's also important to keep your commands/reasons short... like, "Mom said NO" or "Don't Touch" or "Put that down". If he's doing something that you've told him not to do over and over, pick him up and put him in a time out place... you don't have to start time outs yet, but if you set him on the couch and tell him eye-to-eye "Stop throwing the ball inside" he will start to get it. This might also be the time to take away the things that are causing trouble... if he won't stop throwing the ball in the house, take it away. One other thing we do with our son... if he's watching TV and won't listen, we turn off the TV or pause the movie he's watching. The TV does not come back on until he's finished picking up his toys, or whatever we asked him to do.

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