Okay ladies, I have to brag about my oldest son, Steven. At 14, he is way beyond his years in both academics and maturity (including looking like a grown man!)

Steven was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society last month. He has been on honor roll every quarter since he began 6th grade. He is the type of student who can get his assignments done either before class ends, or uses his studyhalls correctly. I think this past school year I only saw him bring books home 5 times. He doesn't study for tests, yet gets a's on them.

At Graduation this week, he received the President's Outstanding Academic Excellence Award, and the Honor Roll Award. He was honored as a member of the NJHS by the wearing of the Gold Tassles around his neck.

Then I get the mail today. Okay I have to admit, I have tears of joy again as I type this, but he was nominated by his history teacher, Mr. Stepp, to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference. Here is an excerpt from that letter:

Dear Parent:
   I am thrilled to inform you that, based on his academic achievement and leadership potential, your son, Steven, has been nomiated to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference in Illinois. Steven was nominated by Mr. David Stepp, who recognized him as one of a select group of students with the scholastic merit, maturity and responsibility to represent Lebanon at the unique leadership program for exceptional young leaders.

  On behalf of the members of teh United States Congress who serve on our Honorary Congressional Board of advisors, I congratulate you on Steven's achievements. You must be very proud.

And yes we are very proud of him! Our only concern is the price tag to attend: $1500! We would have to do alot of fundraising!

Anyhow, just had to brag on his accomplishments.

 Receiving his diploma

With his granpa after graduation. Notice the tassles for NJHS?

Okay, now where is that box of tissues......

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 2:46 PM Good job mama!

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