Today (being Saturday the 7th)  has been the day of tears for me and my mom. Today we put down my puppy of 11 years. She was a good puppy, she was a peek-a-poo and a sweet heart. I got her for Christmas 96, my last year of high school, and named her Miracle, because she was my Christmas miracle.

Today was the day we put her down, she was spunky and waggin her tail and all when we took her in, but my mom said she had another rough night the night before.  She was diagnosed with a heart mirmi, an enlarged heart and diabeties last week and now this. 

She had just started treatment and my mom just felt it wasn't doin any good.

I love her to death and I miss her more than anything. In fact it's 11pm and I can't sleep even though I'm doped up on pain meds and stuff for my shoulder. I keep remembering so much about her and most importantly today.

Its been a hard day for me and for my mom, as Miracle lived with her when I went away to college and has stayed with her ever since and now she has to go home to a quiet and empty house. This bad news doesn't seem to be affecting my daughter right now...she doesn't seem to understand or careless really and she was there when we took her in, but not there in the room when they did mom wouldn't even go back with them and she refused to let me do so as well.

So yes...this has been a hard day...a day for tears in my family.


Rest in peace my good will forever be missed and loved Miracle! Kisses Kisses, baby girl!!


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