Why is it a man can never admit he needs help? I've known men who have no problem asking for help. My man's putting the AC in and his uncle (our landlord) lives right downstairs and when I brought up "why don't u ask your uncle for help" he got sooo mad it was ridiculous. It's not like him and his uncle have a bad relationship whenever his uncle is say doing something outside like puttinng in fence or something he'll yell up for Mark and ask him to come down and help him. So what is the big deal about going down and asking for help. He did it last year no problem but now we have a new window in where we usually put it in.

Yeah so he's on the phone with his dad who lives 20 minutes away in 2 towns over - how is that better than a guy who lives downstairs?

I don't get it and he was really mean to me when I mentioned again maybe you should ask your uncle - he said to me just shut the f*ck up. I CANNOT BELIEVE HE SAID THAT TO ME!

I'm not even speaking to him, you don't say that to someone who does he think he is?

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