Well I can't tell you how much I lost so far, but.....I baught these jeans at oldnavy last summer. they were really tight. so tight that my stomach bugged out of them. so they were very uncomfy to wear. anyways so I tried them on the other day and I can wear them, no tummy bludge, they are even a little loose...YAY ME........oh and to lose weight is truely a lifestyle change...no dieting...I also have to watch what I give Mandala to eat cuz she is allergic to milk. So her and I both drink Soy milk and love it, its quite yummy....I am up to about 45-60mins of walking every morning and 30mins of yoga at night.  Yoga is not just for your body, but really is for you mind and soul as well. It is a great stress reliever, and I have panic attacks and stress out all the time, and since I have been doing the Yoga workouts, my stress level is down and I can control it better, its awesome...;)Sarah



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Jun. 11, 2008 at 9:54 AM Congratulations! Keep up the great work girl!! I'm trying to lose 20 pounds by July 22nd (vacation to Disney World) and I don't think it's going to happen. :( We'll see though. Any tips??

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