O.K. ladies, 7 things about me, here goes. I am Mama to Madison, who is 6, almost 7 and the absoulute love of my life! I live in the country, and wouldn't trade it for city life, I love my "boondocks". I have the most supportive family I could ever ask for, there's only 4 of us immediates, me, my fabulous younger brother, my daughter, and my mom, but that's all it takes, we "got each others backs", lol. I am a very independent person, which isn't always a good thing, it takes a lot for me to "let you in". I love to eat, but try to be good most of the time, God it's hard!  Spring is my favorite season, I love a fresh start! And last but not least, if you're good to me, I'll be good to you, the most loyal friend you can ask for, break my trust and it's on! O.K., ummmmmm, let me see, who's next?

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