i've been seperated since oct/nov last year. i've kinda dated here and there but nothing serious. well, i met this guy, and we met up and had a great time! hes 33 and lives in euclid (thats where i lived when i was married). anyways, we went out, talked all the time, and he made me dinner last week. i bought sum beer and so did he. dinner was awesome. and while we were eating, all he did was keep staring at me. did i have something on my face? or did i have soemthing in my teeth? i said what?? hes like i cant just look at u? i said yeah u can.. anyways, he told me while we were eating that hes glad we met and went out and that he likes me.. i said i like u to (i ment that bc hes very sweet and a great personality).. so we finished dinner and went to a lil martini bar/cafe place in downtown euclid. i had 1 martini and he pounded down 3 or 4. now, josh is a bigger guy. i love bigger guys. he has big arms and big chest..(he used to play for the cleveland indians a few years back-but hurt his shoulder and he was done) yummy... ok back to my story, so i figured he would be able to handle it. well, while i was sipping on mine, i kept spilling it, so i left it on the table and i would lean over and sip it that way.. they were closing, so josh took my keys bc he said hes driving my truck so i said im fine, but hes like no i will drive. so, we were driving and he tried to get ahold of his friend so we can go for a boat ride. well, when u r on the lake, u dont get reception!! he called his friend but couldnt get ahold of him. so josh was like do u wanna drive to eastlake or what? i said r u nuts? cops out there r not friendly!! hes like i know so we went back to his house. well, we were messing around, and i did NOT plan on having sex with him. well ,that night we had sex 4 times!! i kinda regret it bc with him i wanted to wait bc he seemed to be different. but the sex was soo good!!! he pleased me every which way!! well, i told him before hand, that as long as hes nice & sweet and dont cheat we will be fine and he said ok :) thats all he has been. i woudl have to say that he makes me pretty happy and i love spending time with him.but, i try and take it one day at a time. i dont wanna get to excited or think ahead bc thats bad.. but, is it bad that i could picture myself falling in love with him?

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