when i was about 10  ii had hamsters as pets well my mom was cleaning out the glass tank they were in n she broke it by mistake so she said she didn't have time to go to the store n get another one so she put them in a card board box for the night ( OH i forgot to tell u they had baby's so i had like 10 in the box lol). so the next  thingi remember i hear my dad screaming like someone was killing him so i ran to the living room were i saw my dad ( now mind u my dad is about 5'9" 2O0 plus pounds) standing o the couch screaming we got rats!!! my hamsters mama had chewed though the box n had gotten out n were now running though the house my dad told me to call my mom at work she came all the way home to help me catch them it was so funny cause my dad is a man u don't cross but to see him on the couch scared to death i never to this day let him live it down!!! i love my dad happy fathers day to all the men !!!

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Jun. 15, 2008 at 7:49 PM Oh goodness that is funny lol!  My son wants a hamster for his birthday and his dad is going to buy him the cage and everything for it and I'm going to get him the hamster....or a guinia pig...I heard guinia pigs last longer.....I don't have a clue about either of them!

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