I posted a note for Joseph on SproutOnline.com for Father's Day. I thought it would be cute if he was watching TV with Mason and it came on. The only problem is there seems to be NO logic to the order in which they run the messages. It's really annoying.... anyway, I've been watching like a hawk all weekend for it and this morning the weirdest thing happened: They played a message for a dad from Gavin & Mason in TX! Isn't that crazy? I mean, they weren't twins, but I just thought it was crazy when I saw that someone named their boys the same names as our boys and in the exact same order

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Jun. 15, 2008 at 4:52 PM How sweet!  You could have told me and I would have taken a shift to watch for you- we keep that channel on all the time.  I am sure that stopped your heart for a bit- hug from me to you...

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