suck. This week has been one hell of a fucked up roller coaster! I'm exausted. Grace is exauxsted. Danny's exausted. Everyday is something new. One day she's wonderful and we think we'll get to go home soon, the next she almost dies and has to be resesitated (sp).and not just once.

Three times in less than 24 hrs!
All week we havn't known why she was having more issues, what the cause was, all the tests came back fine, but obviously she wasn't fine. We finally got it figured out yesterday, she has a urinary tract infection (strep B)! How the hell did she get that? And the way to treat it is with antibiotics. Which have to be given through an IV...only problem is they can't get an IV in her...they've been trying every few hours for the last two days. She has scabs and pin pricks everywhere, including her scalp! So then they try a PICC line or sometimes called a central line wich is essentially a cathader inserted into a vein which fluids can be injected into. It can be very risky, but it last longer than an IV, so they don't have to continue to prick her with a needle every few days. Well, that didn't work either...they all tried their hardest to get it in..Grace's veins are just too small. So then the next step was to actually cut her open and make a small incision in a vein and insert the cath in manually. They were going try that tomorow. Very Scary. And if that didn't work, they would have to transfer her to another hospital and actually operate on her instead. All just to giver her antibiotics for a bladder infection! Thank god her doctors actually communicate with each other, cuz now they don't have to do any of that. They found a shot that contains both her antibiotcs in one shot that only has to be given once a day, instead of the traditional every 4 hrs and 6 hrs a day! YAY!!!!!!! So now all she gets is one shot a day for the next six days. As long as after the first shot the bacteria is no longer present in her urine. So we're crossing our fingers. Hopefully it all works the way we want it to and she can go outside for some fresh air again soon, and then we can go home soon! I'm so tired of this. I want my baby home with me, it gets harder and harder to leave her for any period of time. And this one day she's great and the next she almost dies thing is killing us! I guess this is why I don't post alot of updates on her, cuz things just change soo much so often. I don't know how much longer I can do this. What i've typed here isn't even half of what was running through my head or what we go through or stress on on a daily basis. It's gotta stop soon. I cant wait till our Gracie comes home....

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Jun. 16, 2008 at 1:51 PM

Group B Strep comes from you.  You should have been tested for it sometime in your third trimester.  Didn't the doctor treat you with antibiotics during delivery?  I would have some questions.  Check out this link.

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