I have been sick since Sunday and I have had all the fun I can handle.  I am tired of running fever and then sweating as it breaks and my body gets maybe 30 minutes of feeling normal and then it starts back up.  I went to a clinic by the house Tuesday and they couldn't help me because I was running to high of a fever. 103.9.  They wanted me to go to the ER or promise I would go to the dr 1st thing in the morning.  Well since I have no insurance I waited till the AM.  I apparently have a UTI and a really bad one.  Which I don't get, I don't hurt that much.  A little sensitive but I thought it had something to do with my whole freaking body aching.  So if the antibotics dont get rid of the fever by Friday I have to go back and may end up on IV antibiotics.  I will just cry if that happens. 

 I just don't have time to be sick.  Oldest DD has dance recital Saturday, don't have much left to do just a little rhinestonning.  I would make her do it but she is hardly home, between work and dance we barely see her. lol  Then she leave Wednesday to head out for Nationals in Florida and I need to get a few things done for that before she leaves.

But my youngest DD is a big sweetie.  She is stuck at home with me doing nothing.  But has taken good care of me.  Took my sheets down to wash and helped me put clean ones on my bed today after soaking the bed in sweat.  She brings me water and checks my forhead for fever.  I don't know what I would do with out her. 

 OK I am done whining.  I am going to go get a popscicle now.


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Jun. 19, 2008 at 4:03 PM

I know what you mean. I didn't feel pain or anything with the UTI I had when I was pregnant with my last child, but it caused premature labor. The only way they caught it was when I went in for a check up to monitor my contractions. Surprised the crap out of me, cause I had no symptoms.

I hope the antibiotics work, and fast! What a sweet little daughter you have! :-)

Hang in there! prayers are with you.

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Jun. 19, 2008 at 4:11 PM Thanks for the prayes. 

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