My 6 week Dr. appt. is coming up and hopefully my doc will tell me it's ok to start working out (swimming, running,ect.) and also sex (tmi). I want to start this journal to keep track of how much weight I'm loosing and how tone I'm getting or shape. I will attempt to post pictures of my progress. My wedding is in October and we are going to Cabo for the honeymoon. I would like to be in better shape by then.


Pre-preggo  weight 168

Ending weight  208

Total lbs gained 40

6/22 weight 186

6/27 weight 186.5 am-today I started my workout. 30 min. walk run (ps. very hard to run with extremely large breasts need to find more supportive sports

6/28 184.5-ok I can't work out outside because stupid Fresno air. But my eating has been really good.

 I went to the doctor on Tuesday and I weighed in at 189. Boo I gained weight. I go back to work on Wednesday and so thats the day I'm going to hard core work out atleast 5 days a week. I just got to stay motivated.

8/12 haha. Ya that didn't completely fall into play. I have been trying to find time each day to do something. I am now down to 182. I stayed at 186 for weeks.

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Jun. 23, 2008 at 2:41 AM wow you have lost alot of weight already. My weight is about the same.... but it seems to be stuck now... my son is 8 weeks now... so im gonna start exercising now and trying to get rid of the rest of this!!!

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Jun. 23, 2008 at 6:30 PM Yay! You have a date for your wedding? When?

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