We've had a bad week and I need to remember what is good about having ADHD.  My youngest was diagnosed 5yrs ago, and raising him is a difficult, but rewarding task.  So, what is good about having ADHD?

Neeleman, the owner of the airline JetBlue credits his success to having ADHD.  A book written by an entrepreneur called For Entrepreneurs Only, talks about adhd being necessary for most persons starting their own business.  People who have looked at the personality style of many entrepreneurs have found they do indeed have ADHD traits.  How about Edison, Einstein, and Ben Franklin?  Reading about Franklin I can only conclude that the man could not hold a steady job since he constantly went from one thing to another, politics, militia, postal service, time change, and not to mention taking air baths.  Sounds like my son's sensory disorder to me.

Passion!!!  My son has plenty of it!  Yes, it is a pain when that passion is angry, but such a joy when that passion is happy.  I always told my mom that Robert is like any other child, doubled.  His joys are higher, and his sorrows deeper.  He feels life more, and so he will be able to live life more.

Stubborness, yep, my son has that in full supply.  He will never be lead astray by his peer group though.  He was made to be a leader, not a follower.  A wonderful trait, but one that as a child in a classroom, gets him in trouble.  However, Martin Luther King was stubborn, Rosa Parks was stubborn, and so were the leaders of the  American Revolution stubborn.  All of them refused to accept the status quo, and were stubborn enough to risk life and limb in what they believed in.  Not a bad trait at all.

ADHD, it can't be all bad.  Like many traits in life, it is how it is directed.  My husband is a very successful ADHDer, and with God's help, we will be able to direct my son to use his adhd traits successfully in life.  If I don't go crazy first!  LOL

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Jul. 14, 2008 at 12:46 PM oh my God i so needed that my daughter has adhd  we just found out in may, we barely started to give her meds but that seems to work for a couple of days then go away. my daughter is also a leader, since she was small she would be bossing the big kids to do things for her, i guess its good and bad but who else isnt like that right.

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