I don't understand why my husband can't stand up to his family especially his mother.

My story:


My husband and I have been going to marriage counseling. Which didn't help him at all. It went into one ear and out the other on his end.


We suppose to have got insurance on each other but like always my husband didn't follow through on his end. I have my insurance set up for him and the kids but he don't have insurance set up for himself for the kids and I just in-case something may happen to him. Wonder why ladies because of the advice he has been getting from his mother.



Lately we have been in silence. He do not call his mother around me which I think is stupid because I don't want him to choose between his mother and I. For two months now he haven't spoken to her on the phone around me. Remind you she lives in Ohio.



The day before Father's Day his family sent him a card in the mail it says " Happy First Father's Day" and they put $5 in the card and said " James take yourself out to lunch". My youngest son is his biological child. I have a 9yr and 5yr whom has been calling him daddy for the last 6years. Clearly, it is not his FIRST FATHER"S DAY... I was pisted off because why send only $5! we are a family $5 cant feed us all and THIS YEAR WAS NOT HIS FIRST FATHER"S DAY!


This what really cut the cake. My husband has a family reunion is this weekend in Ohio His mother said your wife and her two kids are not welcome in my home. But Elijah and  you are....


I was angry because when they came down year last month even though we wasn't on the best of terms I let her stay in my house, and I cooked.


I am more so mad at my husband because til this day he can not put his foot down when it comes to his family disrespecting me. Ladies you know what he is still going to Ohio.


My children including Elijah are NOT going because I will not have anyone single out my children.


I am seriously thinking about getting a divorce because this have been going on way too long.


In my opinion my husband do not respect me along because if he did he would put his foot down.


Ladies what you do think about this? I need your advice.



My Husband decided to go to Ohio on Grayhound.

He has been having a difficult time getting there.


1st last night he missed the bus that took off at 9pm.


He was determine to get there to the point he kept calling to see if there was another bus that would go to Ohio.

Indeed it was it supposed to have pulled off at 12:58am. I took him to the Grayhound station and waited for an hour to make sure he got on the bus safely.  Time went on and on NO BUS!  my children and I left to go home.


My husband called hour after hour and again the bus didn't show until 6am. He was at the Grayhound Station for 7hrs.


I just heard from him 10mins ago and he is in KY he have to wait 2hrs for the transfer bus.


He is upset because he is coming back home tomorrow so therefore, he will not have enough time to spend with his family.


I told my husband  "God works in wonders. I believe it didn't work out in your favor for a reason. God gave you sign after sign after sign. That's why he missed the 1st bus, he sat there for 7hrs, and he is sitting in KY now. Because we are marriage and we should have went to your family reunion together. God says let no man come between what He has created. And his mother came between us as a family and God was unpleased with that. That is why my husband having a hard time getting to Ohio.


God changes things but yet, my husband don't see it the way that I see it.


When I let Go and Let God He always handle the problem in a timely manner.




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Jun. 28, 2008 at 3:37 PM Honey, you already have your answer.  Raising kids in an environment where the husband does not treat the wife with respect (or vice-versa) is not healthy for the children.  Do you want them to learn that it's ok to treat you or others like that?  Hugs!

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Jun. 28, 2008 at 3:43 PM that is ridiculous. if my husband did that his butt would be on the front lawn. i will have no one disrespect me. not even my own parents. i stopped talking to them for almost 2 years because of disrespect.

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Jun. 28, 2008 at 3:44 PM

You know what to do, and what is best for your children.  I think it's time to let go and find you a man that will respect you.  Best wishes, stay strong.  You deserve better

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Aug. 12, 2013 at 12:03 PM I've been going through this as well for years my husband has let his family disrespect me over and over again he'll sit there and listen to what they say and won't stand up for me at all.. We constantly argue about this especially when there are family events.. So many people have told them that he should have stood up for me since the beginning years ago and that the emotional abuse and disrespect would stop but he doesn't listen somehow its always my fault. They don't treat him any better either.. He won't go to any events unless my kids and I go with him but I don't want to go anymore.. He says I'm making him choose between me and them. We have 3 daughters I don't think he would want to see this happen to them.. Thinking separation or divorce at this point.. He blames the way I think on my mom and dads divorce and all the inlaw drama they had. I'm very different from my mom and my ex boyfriends families used to love me always wishing I married their sons..very depressed don't know what to do anymore.. My kids would be crushed if we split up... He's a great husband it's just a family problem.. I know he loves me but if he really did wouldn't he stand up for me?

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