Question: Do any of you have a husband who seems to be depressed, but refuses to address the issue?




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Over the past couple of years, it seems like my husband just can't do anything right anymore.  He has no pride in the jobs we have to do around the house.  If we need to paint, he will just throw the paint around, getting the trim and ceiling smeared and globbed up, getting paint on the floor, and leaving patches of white showing underneath.  If we need to do repairs outside, he does it halfway.  If we decide to go somewhere with the kids, he wants to come home after just a couple of hours, instead of doing what we planned.  He just doesn't care about doing anything correctly anymore.  This is so frustrating to me.

I often wonder if it is because NOTHING is in his name.  All of our property, bills, etc. are in my name because he has such awful credit.  He refuses to attempt to repair his credit problems, although I've asked him to try for many, many years now.  He makes about 1/4 of my income, so I sometimes think that maybe he feels inadequate about his abilities as a provider.   He denies this.  He was a stay at home dad for about 9 months, and our home became so filthy and disorganized that I asked him to go back to work. 

He has been on antidepressants before, and I really think he needs to be on them again, but of course he refuses to go to the doctor about it.  He will go to the doctor about EVERTHING ELSE that occurs to him, including tiny things that don't need medical attention, but he won't talk about the fact that he is becoming a hermit who takes no pride or joy in his life.  He stays on the computer all the time, playing this stupid virtual football game, up until all hours of the night.

 It is getting to the point that sometimes I wish he would just move out.  But he can't, because he makes so little money, that he couldn't afford an appartment.  His parents are just like him, financially, so he can't even move in with them.  They move every 3 months because they don't pay their bills.

Anyway, does anyone else have these problems with their husbands?  I hate to sound like a bitch, but I am just so tired of his melancholy attitude, I wish he would just go away for a while.

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Jun. 29, 2008 at 12:36 PM My husband is depressed and he is making me miserable more than I already am, lol. He will not go get help and it drives me up the wall. All we do is sit at home and watch tv everyday he wont go anywhere, see any of his friends, or his sisters. I just dont know what to do either.

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