Back from Vacation

I had a great couple of days at Lavalette Beach in New Jersey. The air was warm, the sand was great on my feet and water was absolutely beautiful! That has definitely inspired me to get my rear in gear and get making things for my big upcoming show.

For June I met my goals having 50+ items listed in each shop, though Kaedan is down to 49 since I accomplished another goal of selling an item in that shop. I blogged almost everyday, except the occasional busy days or when I was at the shore. June has been my best month so far but I am hoping to make July even better.

My Goals for July:
75+ items in each shop
sell 1+ item per week per shop
sell 25+ items at my big show on July 19th
become more outgoing and aggressive with my marketing tactics(any tips are appreciated!)

I am sure that I will have more to add as the month progresses but this is my main goals for July!

Have a great day!


Meagan's Designs Etsy Shop

Kaedan Krafts Etsy Shop 

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