So my daughter is going to be turning 7 in September ( did that happen???).  Anyway, she's always had long straight hair (see my pics on my page).  For her starting the 2nd grade, she really wants to get a perm and have curly hair.  What's funny is that her life long goal is to own a salon/spa, so she's all into hair styles, etc.  Anyway....what do you think?  Is it okay for kids to get perms?  Do you think she'd look okay with curly hair?  How long do perms last?  I'll just attach a picture of her with straight hair so you can give me your opinions...


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Jul. 1, 2008 at 4:57 PM

i can't see what the REAL harm is in letting her get a perm. HOWEVER! any hair process is so damaging, and she's so young. once she gets it permed once, she's going to want to do it again, or get it restraightened, or color it, or something, and she's just going to DESTROY her hair!

i started doing stuff (coloring, mainly) to my hair when i was 12. i had the thickest, fullest hair EVER. within the first couple years, my hair thinned out like crazy, and has never filled back in.

i just don't think it's worth destroying such pretty hair at such a young age. :-\

maybe if you explain to her the possibility of damage to be done long-term, she'll rethink?

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 4:59 PM

afterthought, lol...

if she wants to do something so drastic, why not suggest that she get a way cool haircut or something? let her pick out whatever she wants...that way she still would maybe feel like she has some say in what's happening, and she'll still think it's cool, 'cause it's hair-related...and if it's that bad, at least no permanent harm done? :)

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 5:44 PM ya I agree with dahlsmommee. I had a friend whos stepdaughter's mom always colored her hair. She was 11 and one day the little girl said she couldnt even remember what color her hair really was. I found that kind of sad. I just think if they get into perming, coloring, all that stuff they wont be able to stop. It kind of gives them the idea that they aren't beautiful exactly the way they are. Ya know? How about one of those crimpers? I got my daughter one of those when she was about that age. She loved it.

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 6:22 PM

There are curlers which is small and it can pass up as a perm, like shirley temple curls.  If she can handle sleeping on them at night.

Your daughter has beautiful hair and that's my color which is rare to see.

I'll pass up the perm cuz it does do damage to hair in long term.

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Jul. 1, 2008 at 6:37 PM

I got my daughter's hair permed when she was 7.  It fell out within a couple of months.  She said she would never do it again.  She hated the process.  So if she is wants to let her.  She wont want to do it again.  If you dont let her she is going to want to do it more.  It did not damage my daughters hair at all.  Of course we havent done anything else to it.  Just wanted to let you know my experience.


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Jul. 1, 2008 at 10:19 PM

Ok, when i went to beauty school. many moons It wasnt good to have perms before they are 13. For the reason that their hair isnt fully developed.  Their hair isnt so thick when young. same with her young skin. Its a chemical and can burn them easily. Chemical burns are awful and painful. Perms have changed alot since i went to school. I would consult with someone at a salon. Talk to a few salons. The best is go to a beauty school to have anything done or talk to. cause they are more careful at doing stuff, cause of learning and under the supervision of the teachers, who have to keep up on new proceedures.  When i was in school, we were always getting people from other salons or supercut places to correct their mistakes....funny huh. I wouldnt do it lbdm.  Then they only last 3months. curls could fall out sooner or later. Or it may not take at all. or may be very curly or frizz if they burn it,or burn it off at the roots, perms are tricky, and their not for everyone. It is best that she is older.

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Jul. 2, 2008 at 12:49 AM I agree with Cari perms arent that good for your hair if she wants curly hair they have them crimpers you can buy or like I use occasionally is the old fashioned ones I put in at night..Shes got gorgeous hair!

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