Question: When was the last time you were a BUYER on Etsy


Less than 1 week

1-2 weeks

3-4 weeks

1 month

3 months

6 months

Don't remember

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When was the last time you were a buyer on Etsy??
I always see the sellers in the Etsy forums and occasionally the a buyer but a seller can be a buyer too! So I pose the question when was the last time you (seller, buyer or both) bought something from a fellow etsian or how often do you buy on etsy?

The last thing I bought from a fellow Etsian was 10 days ago, a Turtle Carmel Apple from Double Dipped Sweets and it was absolutely delicious! I average a buy about every 2 weeks, sometimes longer, because I base my buying off my selling. What I sell on Etsy helps me buy on Etsy!

***Last weeks poll Etsy Business or Pleasure was a business win with 66% of the vote but many of you told me how you would like to choose both answers cause though you treat it like a business there are many social aspects to etsy!

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