So two years ago today, I was at my brother-in-law's HS graduation party. My back had been hurting for the 2nd day straight, and I just couldn't sit still. I thought it was gas. People asked me if I was in labor, and to be honest, I didn't really know. I had been induced after my water broke with Matthew. I carried on as normally as I could. Since Matty had been at the pool, DH gave him a bath, while I laid down for a few minutes... that's when I realized the pain had become more regular and more intense. So when we got MIL to the house, we were off to the hospital. Kevin was born at 9:59, after 2 hours in the hospital, one episiotomy, and 6 pushes.

We always joke that Kevin was a born eater. He was always very chubby. He seems kind of short for his age, and we just chalk him up to being built like a brick. However, the last few weeks, he's really gotten taller without gaining weight. His muscles are becoming more defined, and he loves to show his (markedly thinner) belly.

He's not much of a talker, which I have heard is normal for 2nd children. Now that he keeps his binky out of his mouth most of the time, he does get some phrases together.

He's a daredevil. I'll never forget the first time I saw him break down the gate at the top of the stairs, smile at me and say, "buh-bye!" I didn't think I could run that fast anymore! He tries to climb furniture, bust into the kitchen (did I mention he's a born eater?), and get his little hands on everything. He's the reason childproofing was invented.

The post's title comes from my oldest son's protest one night talking to a relative of ours. She called him Kevin Patrick (his full baptism name). Because he's Matty's little brother, Matty yelled, "No! Kevin MY Patrick!!" A little rude to be sure, but quite cute. They play together so nicely... for the most part.

So happy birthday, Kevvy. Mommy loves her little fink-weasel.

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