I decided that Amani was ready for a sippy cup. So, Tuesday I bought her one. It's a cute red and yellow Spongebob one. I gave it to her empty and she loved it! I wanted her to get a feel for it without anything in it. She put her mouth on the spout and sucked out the air ( I know I shouldn't have let that happen but she loved her cup so much I didn't want to interrupt.) Anyway, she played with for about an hour. So, when I put the actual milk in it and got my camera and gave it to her, she didn't want it. She tasted her formula and then she looked up at me like "What the F**k is this, Mommy?" So now I'm trying to figure out if I should wait a little bit lo0nger and try introducing the cup again or be persistent with it now. Man, this motherhood thing is not for wimps.

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