Now that my brother is goone for  the army, I feel like me and Amani can really have time to just be mommy and daughter. Before both of my brothers left I didn't really have a space where her and I can just play with each opther or read together or just watch tv togethe. Now we have that space and it's been great! When she wakes up in the morning, I picke her up out of the crib and  let her lay on my chest. She gives me a huge gummy grin and then she " kisses" me. I let beat me up and I laugh at her and pretend she's causing me great pain.Then I change her and take her upstairs to the living room. I feed her cereal mixed with one of her jar food and a nice warm bottle. After she has eaten and I've eaten we watch, the Fairly Oddparents and Spongebob Squarepants while she sitsa in my lap and yells at the tv. Sometimes she doesn't want to watch tv but she just wants to stare at me. So I stare back. Shes the only human on the face of the planet that I can look directly in the face. And sometimes we just stare at each other until she goes to sleep.

I know that whole thing sounds like a scen from some mushy movie but it's completely true. Those mothers that don't take their babies in another room and just spend mommy baby time together, I encourage you to do so and see what happens and how it makes you feel.

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Jul. 13, 2008 at 9:00 AM I know how you feel, we lived with my in-laws for a year after my daughter was born, when we finally got our own home, and my husband would leave for work, I would savor every moment, every cuddle every kiss every story and every smile because it was meant just for me. I still enjoy the privilege of being a stay at home mom, and getting to have lots of quality alone time. She is growing so fast, so I'm glad to enjoy it while I can.

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