Hmmmm - let's see....

*My favorite yummy treat is to chew hot tamale candies and drink Diet Dr. Pepper - together - an awesome combination!  You should try it!

 * Right now I have at least 5 loads of laundry to put away but everyone is asleep so it will have to wait - aww schucks...

*I am OCD about having a clean house - but I also hate to clean and live with 3 messy boys, 2 dogs,  and a teenage girl.  It is pure torture - I swear!!

*My secret dream is to be a movie star - but I could never put up with the paparazzi crap - I am way to much of a hermit for that...

*My husband won't kill the spiders in the house - so I am the official spider killer of the household......

*I have never been to Disney Land :-(  Sad huh?!

 And drum roll please...  my last random fact is:

*   I admit it - I was addicted to the beach scavenger hunt - but my scores were no were near the top ones!  Now, I just let my boys play the license plate hunting game - it is better for everyone that way :-)

 P.S.  Ivy - I am addicted to lip balm as well - have to have it in my purse, my bedside table, the kitchen drawer, my craft desk, the bathroom, and my winter coats at all times :-)  Whenever I leave the house, I keep whatever gloss or balm I am wearing in my pocket - and I will actually get mad if I don't have pockets in whatever I am wearing...   You are not alone.....


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Jul. 16, 2008 at 2:35 AM

yes, i start to fret when i don't have a lip balm when i change bags or something. i almost have to march in a store and buy my 101th one but hubby stops me.........[no fun].

come to disneyland!!!!!!!!! i am 15-20 minutes away from the "happiest place on earth".

i am the spider killer too @our house. brandon would shreek 'ahhhhh, mamma, come kill this spider for me & daddy'. <guys are such wimps...........>

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Jul. 16, 2008 at 6:20 AM

OK ... lol... I love the combo too .. however I drink the high octane DrP :)

I SWEAR I have 3 loads folded in the bedroom ready to be put away, and 3 in the laundry room still waiting.. lol

I used to want to be a model (lol)

I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO DISNEY LAND EITHER> We are saving up to be able to take the kids once when they are old enough to enjoy everything ..


I am scared I would become addicted to the scavenger hunt so I didn't go there :)!!!  

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Aug. 28, 2008 at 10:36 AM

I have 6 loads of laundry waiting to be folded and

I guess we all have an issue with it huh?

I am ARACNAPHOBIC. I call my father in law to come in and kill spiders if hubby isnt

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