Corporate July Promotion!
Join our Team for only $20 instead of $95 
Freedom at Home Team
Dear John,
Time to Get your business started with the Award Winning Freedom at Home Team!
Get your Business started beginning Monday June 31st for only $20...That's it, a Dramatic savings off of our regular $95 sign up fee.
Corporate just announced this promotion.  There has never been a better time to take control of your financial future, work at home, and build a benefits business with Ameriplan. 
People all over the US are looking for ways to save on their healthcare expenses.  There isn't anyone out there who doesn't want to earn extra money to cover rising gas prices and food prices!
Got lots of month left over after your money???  We're offering this promotion to you because you have expressed interest in establishing your own business.  You can be on your way to lifetime financial freedom with less than it takes to get 5 gallons of gas!
Act NOW!  You deserve a better future.  Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!
Get Started on Monday June 31st!  CLICK HERE
Looking for Leaders, serious individuals who really are ready to change their lives, join an award winning team, and work consistently part time with me to become independently wealthy in the next 12 months - 4 years. 
 Personal Mentoring and Training, Online, and Telephone.  401K Options, Benefits Included.
Still need to talk?  Contact me asap. 
To your success, 

Marjorie Butler
Executive Sales Director
Ameriplan ®
2007-2008 Corporate Rising Star Award
National Recruiter/Trainer
Freedom at Home Team
$25 K President's Club
Save $75
Enroll today and start your Ameriplan business for just $20.  We are waiving $25 of the enrollment fee and your first month's broker fee of $50.  You will receive a broker kit upon enrollment that will contain $50 in gift certificates to be used in our corporate store.  That's not all!  Earn $100 cash bonus if you reach your first promotion of Regional Sales Director within your first 30 days of enrollment.   
Limited Time Offer

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