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The beauty of this exciting industry is that there is room for every company to co-exist, offering individualized products to address individual consumer needs.  As today’s consumer becomes for exposed to the benefits and necessity of cosmetics, their expectations become more and more varied.  As a result, a “one size fits all” product line is a thing of the past. 

BeautiControl's product positioning is to develop very high tech products that compete with today's serious skin repair market.  BeautiControl’s product positioning is “Science as Nature Intended”, meaning that we use extensive botanically derived ingredients in our formulations in addition to the latest ingredients that technology allows for the prevention and repair of skin damage. 

Arbonne is a company that has good products that appeal to a certain type of consumer. Arbonne has chosen to take a conservative, "botanically based" product positioning that is very safe and conservative.

There are several types of consumers in today's world - There are those that do not want change, there are those that want to cosmetics that are derived from natural or organic sources, and there are those that want the latest that science and technology has to offer in order to achieve more aggressive anti-aging benefits.

I feel that Arbonne has a good product that directly addresses the needs of their target market. 

Below are some comparison claims between Arbonne and BeautiControl.  Every person has different expectations of their skin care products.  It is important to find the product line that best represents what the consumer is looking for in skin care treatments.  The success of a product line is based on its ability to address the concerns of the client.


All Natural :

  · Neither BeautiControl or Arbonne make “all natural” or “organic” claims regarding products.  While we include many natural ingredients in all of our products, we do not market our products as "all-natural".  The claim "all natural" is a misnomer, in fact.  According to governmental regulations, "all natural" would imply that 100% of the ingredients are from a natural source. 


Botanically based:

  · Both BeautiControl and Arbonne use an extensive and similar amount of botanically derived ingredients.  “botanical based” is really more of a marketing term that is relative only to the positioning of the product and it’s ability to target a particular consumer.


PH Correct:

  · All reputable companies will formulate a product regimen to maintain the correct pH balance of the skin.  This is the reason that it is recommended to use a complete regimen of products from the same company to ensure that the products are designed to work together.


Dermatologist, Sensitivity and Allergy Tested (hypoallergenic):

  · Both Arbonne and BeautiControl test product for this claim.  This is a standard claim to ensure the safety of a product.


No Animal Testing:

  · Neither BeautiControl or Arbonne test products on animals.

  · BeautiControl does use Emu oil on a limited basis for several of our body care formulations.  Emu oil is purchased as a by products of the meat packing industry.  No animals are killed or harmed for the sole purpose of their oils.


Mineral Oil, Synthetic fragrances or dyes:

  · Arbonne claims not to use mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or dyes in their formulations.  BeautiControl does not make this claim.  There are instances where we use synthetic fragrance ingredients to cover raw materials in the formulation that might posses a mal odor in the formulation.  The term “fragrance” implies that multiple ingredients were used to create the scent of the product.  Many of those ingredients are natural, while some might be chemically manufactured.

  · BeautiControl uses mineral oil in product designed to target very dry skin conditions, and offers oil-free options for our consumers who are looking for oil-free product option.  We use a pharmaceutical grade of mineral oil - the same grade that is used in prescriptions for extreme dry skin conditions.  While there are alternate oils, (many of which we use), there are none that have been proven to be more effective for those suffering from extremely dry skin symptoms.

  · BeautiControl only uses colorants and ingredients that are approved for cosmetic use.  These ingredients are proven to be safe and effective

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Apr. 2, 2007 at 10:06 AM I was directed to a site that targets mostly Mary Kay, It deals with bad experiences and issues of that type, I also found some other Companies listed in this site and Arbonne was one of them, very interesting information  Pinktruth.com 

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Apr. 2, 2007 at 7:17 PM

did you sell arbonne?

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Mar. 31, 2010 at 6:12 PM

I do! Let me know if you have questions ;-) Great article! The fragrances are a big part of why I chose to work with Arbonne, especially because my daughter has very sensitive skin...for instance both Aveeno and the J&J 'natural' stuff made her break out as a baby...I haven't used the other product being compared here but I have a friend that is happy with it too though!

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Sep. 3, 2010 at 8:01 PM

Beauti-control is on the list at pinktruth.com too BTW

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Jun. 9, 2014 at 12:19 AM

I came across this conversation and I know it is an old one I thought I would comment.  I too use to sell Arbonne.  I now however, a rep for a company that has eliminated over 1300 toxic ingredients.  Ingredients that have been linked to serious illnesses including cancer.  Ingredients that are still being used in the USA in products that we know and love.   With that said,  I now rep Beautycounter.  It is a very new company and growing extremely well.  If you want more info you can visit my website at www.kareng.beautycounter.com

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