I had to do my glucose test today and drink that orange drink, to test for gestational diabetes.  The results will be in this afternoon!  They also tested to make sure my iron levels are ok.  But I have no reason to be concerned.

I did tell her that I had been having a pain under my ribs and high up on my belly, and she thinks that it could be my gal bladder.  But it is not super painful more annoying then anything.  So when I go in for my next ultrasound I 2 weeks, she wants him to take a look at my gall bladder and make sure things are ok, and no stones. 

We listened to the heartbeat, and it was great.

I then asked her about not going full term and not going farther then 39 weeks (since my Perinatologist had mentioned it at my last ultrasound).  She agreed, and said that I will be monitored after 34 weeks every week (possibly 2 times a week), and anytime my blood pressure spikes or the baby shows any distress they will take the baby then.  So there is no chance I will hit my due date of the 26th.  (Sorry Andrea no baby on your birthday, the 25th)  Hearing that was crazy.  34 weeks is less then 8 weeks away!  WOW!  But so far things look GREAT!  And we have no reason to think it will come to that, she just wanted to prepare me by telling me that things could come a lot faster then expected!

I now am starting my 2 week visits, so my next Dr visit update will be Week 28, and I also have my next ultrasound that day.

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