I was talking to my mom earlier and I started thinking. My friends are fucking losers. Most of them don't have cars or jobs. Then there is one that is pregnant and has never been able to keep a job for more than a few weeks. She isn't married. She only has a boyfriend and she expects him to always be there. Does she expect him not to cheat on her or shit like that? If she does, she is mistaken. She'll never leave him because she would have no one to take care of her and the baby.

Most of the people I am "friends" with, I wouldn't trust with my life. Why would I want them around Delilah? Then, of course, there are the friends that no matter if they are losers, I couldn't live without.

Buddy, he is my best friend. He is like my brother and I will call him my brother. Who else can you call up(When you used to live a few blocks away from each other) and have them come over because there is a spider on the door? Who else would you allow to just walk in your house and not even knock because you trust them? Who else would you let them see you cry over and over because they are so good at making you smile? If Buddy were to ever leave, I think I'd have to follow. We have so many inside jokes that we can't explain. He is my "Magical Pony." No one gets that expect Taylor.

Taylor can piss me off sometimes, but he is still I trust. He is Delilah's Uncle Tay Tay.

What else can I say?
Those are the most important "losers" in my book. Taylor really isn't a loser seeing as he has a job AND a car, but Buddy is. lol Buddy is fucking awsome and there are just people you would be lost without.

Some people I could lose and would only be sad for a day. Some others would take a large piece of me with them and I would never get it back. Some people can shape you. Some hold you together when everything is falling apart. Some are family.

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