I grew up very very close to all my grandparents, but especially my grandpa Miller.  We lived across the field from him (a big field separates our backyards.) He retired when I was 5, and I spent so much time with he and my grandma.  I went on vacation with them every summer for about 5 years.  He always spoiled me rotten.  He still does.  Before I became a SAHM, I went to lunch with him 3-5x/wk.  We are very close.  I just called his house around 6:30 and he didn't answer.  Doesn't seem odd to some, but my grandpa is borderline OCD.  He sits in the same chair, with the phone next to him, and only leaves the house between the hours of 11-2.  He goes to lunch every day.  When I called I just had this terrible feeling he was dead, and even the other day I told my close friend I think my grandpa is going to die soon.  Well, my dad just called me and told me my grandpa is in the hospital.  He has a very high fever and he's too weak to walk.  He can't urinate either.  I'm so scared.  Please say a prayer for him.  I really think he has just given up b/c my grandma died 2.5 years ago and now he has no one to take care of. 

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Jul. 25, 2008 at 6:54 AM

Oh my gosh!  I am so very sorry.  I was very close to my grandma and she passed when I was pregnant with the trips.  To this day, it's still very hard to talk about her without crying.  My dad still hasn't sold the house and it's even harder to walk inside and see the chair that she sat in.  I know that my grandma was very heartbroken about my grandpa passing a few years before she did.  They had been together since she was 13 years old. 

I'll pray for your grandpa.  Again, I'm so sorry.

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Jul. 25, 2008 at 9:22 AM

im so sorry...i will pray for him...he sounds like a very sweet man.

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