1.How old were you in 1980?  I was born in 1981

2. How old were you in 1989? 8

3. Were you a Toys R' US Kid? Who wasn't?

4. Did you watch Transformers? No, but I really liked He-Man and Shera that came on right before it.

5. Did you see E.T. on the big screen? No, my parents are deaf and they didn't have captioning in theaters back then.

6. Did you own a Lite Bright? Yes, and now my kids have one.

7. Who is your Favorite Golden Girl? Blanche

8. When someone says " Who you gonna call?  "GHOSTBUSTERS!!  LOL

9.What was your favorite toy(S)?  Barbie, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Dolls

11. Did you listen to New Kids on the Block? Every single day

12. What New Kid did you have a crush on? Donnie Wahlberg

13. Did you play M.A.S.H?  Yes, and still do from time to time with the girls.

14. Did you watch The Care Bears? Yes

15. Did you have Jelly bracets? Yes, and I had the shoes!

16. Did you have a charm necklace and/or bracelet? Yes

17. Did you have a Glo Worm? Yes, and I slept with it every night.

18. Did you ever own a slap bracelet?  Yes

19. The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles?  Sixteen Candles

20. Did you have a crazy hair style? I was all about the BIG bangs!

21. What was your first bike? A banana seat

22. Name one thing you still own from your childhood!  Nothing

23. Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kid?  Yes

25. Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake?  Rainbow Brite

26. Did you watch Miami Vice?  Yes

27. Did you own a pair of Jelly Shoes?  Yes

28. Did you own a Trapper Keeper?   Yes

29. Atari or Nintendo?  Nintendo. Hey, remember Duck Hunt?

30. Did you play Pac-Man? Yes

31. Which was better: Jem or Barbie and the Rockers?  I was obsessed with Jem

32. He-Man or She-Ra?  She-Ra

33. What movie scared you the most? Poltergeist

34. Did you try to dance like Michael Jackson?  No

35. What Is The First Thing That Comes To Mind When You Hear "Flux Compasitor " ? Back to the Future!

36. What other colors did Pepsi come in?  Wasn't it clear at one point?

37.Roger Rabbit Or Howard The Duck?  Roger Rabbit

38. Did you ever beg your parents to have your school picture taken with the 'LASER' background?   Yes

39. Do you know what the Ninja Rap is? Yes

40. Do you know why people cringe when they hear the word BUCKNER? I have no idea

41. Can you name the family members from National Lampoons Vacation movies?  Not by name.

42. Wally-World or Europe?  Wally World

43. What was your favorite movie from the 80's?   Pretty Woman...actually I think that was the 90's. Weekend at Bernie's....was that the 80's?

44. Will you repost this to any of your friends that were in the 80's?   Yes

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Jul. 30, 2008 at 10:18 AM

How fun! I was 18 in 1980! I remember thinking in junior high how far away that was! lol

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Jul. 30, 2008 at 12:52 PM

i was 21, by u brought me some memories back to think of but yes it was the good old days thanxs for bringing them back hugs flirtysparkle80s pink

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Jul. 31, 2008 at 11:16 AM

did you know that estelle getty (sophia from golden girls) died last weekend? she was hilarious!!

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