I know I have not been on much. its been really crazy here, and we went on vacation for a while. Matthew started kindergarten this week, I cant believe he's going already. Hannah is potty trainning its going really well she has been for a while but now she's in undies all the time. mike is working like crazy so we dont get to see him much but at least he's home.

I am going to try to set up playdates again. I also had a few moms ask about going to the gym on base. I'll look into that as well, maybe a few mornings a week after big kids go to school, I dont know yet. What are some of your ideas.

August 9-10 san fran Zoo is having a playschool area. The planet heros will be there one of the days. We will be going on the 10. Have you all see the new vertion of the sesamy street Talk Listen Connect DVDs they are great they help with deployments homecommings and changes (ie if a parent gets hurt), the Fairfield farmers market is still going on every thuresday 4-8 its a fun way to just get out and get some good cheep fruits and veggies. Larry's is also open they have a lot of great stuff too and the money savings is great over the local stores.

I guess thats all for now I hope to be on more soon.


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