Well life is good right now, counting my blessings. Rick, Mandala, and I moved into our home about 3 weeks ago and it feels great. I got baptized on the 4th of July at Ricks parents pool and Mandala was dedicated too. Ricks cousin was kind enough to do them. He is a pastor.  My depression and anxiety have been under control since we have moved and mine and Rick's relationship is growing in a positive direction. My friends sister has asked me to take photos of her wedding and I am so happy about that. Need to get a good flash and a telescopic lens for my camera. I have a few months till then so it will be fine. Still going to therapy from my car accident. I have a buldging disc inbetween C1 and C2 vertebrae. that is what has been causing the headaches and the pain and numbness thru my right arm and hand. taking steroids right now to help with it. thats about all, oh and my poor cat that I hand raised since he was 2 weeks old and I have had for over 9 years is missing. He got out at the old apartments and I think one of the kids that lived around there got him. I have been upset, but we are going to put up flyers around there so hopefully that might help.....;)Sarah

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Jul. 31, 2008 at 2:05 PM

Awww, I hope someone returns your kitty! I hope your back gets better soon, my dad has a bulging disc in his back which led to a wrongful termination from his job (lawsuit pending). I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you, God bless.

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