22 September 2008

 Woo Hoo! I finally finished the wings!!! I'm so happy that I can turn the frame around and can start working on the bottom half. It's definitely not going to be finished before the end of this month but it should be close. I will most likely have it done by the middle to end of October. I can't wait. With the weather finally cooling off I can go back to working on Celtic Summer and finally finish it. I've only been working on it for three years. I love how the pattern looks on the overdyed fabric but I'm not happy that I can't wash it after. I'd like to start working on Celtic Autumn next but I don't have fabric for it yet. (sigh) So I guess I will have to pick something else from my UFO pile to work on. I have plenty to chose from that's for sure. I'm also going to work on designing some more bookmarks.

17 September 2008

Well I've been working on the wings still.. They are coming out pretty nice. I finished all the white and I'm almost done with the lighter grey color on the left wing. I decided to take a break today and work on straightening up my room and moving furniture around. I've still got some stuff to move and or put away, but I did take a break from it to work on the angel while I was waiting for the washer to finish it cycle so that I can put it in the drier and go to bed. LOL....For some reason the girls want jeans for tomorrow.

12 September 2008

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I last updated this journal. Things were a little slow there for awhile but I've gotten back on track and should be done with the white on the wings probably tonight. After that the grays should go quite quick. I've even started doing the stars, at least the gold braid part, over her head. Here's hoping that I can turn her around by Sunday so that I can work on the bottom half.

I've also been working on the bookmark I'm making for the bookmark exchange. I now have three done. LOL....I make one then decide that I like another decsign in my head better so I put it on to fabric, like it and make another. At last count I have finished 2 and the 3rd one is almost done. And I have yet another idea in my head waiting to come out. Before start bookmark number 4 though I plan on finishing the wings on the angel. 

31 August 2008

Well it's been slow work but I'm gaining on the blank areas on the wings. At least on the left side. I haven't done any filling in on the right. Perhaps I'll work on the right side today. I've kind of goofed off a bit. I made a new fob for my scissors and tried making (it came out really nice) a biscornu. Bad me. Looks like I have a goal for September.......to finish this Angel! after that I will have to try and finish wsome of the other smaller UFOs and work on decluttering the house. Sooner I get that done the sooner I can see what needs to be done to list the house for sale. Well off I go to sew now.

25 August 2008

Okay. I 'm still working on those wings. They re looking more like wings than just out lines. I've really only been working on the left wing. The last couple of weeks have been busy with the kids getting back to school and everything. Anyway...I finished that piece with the word FREEDOM in seven languages. I think that once it's framed that it will look really nice on the wall with our military memories and the Angel when she's done. Now that the Olympics are over I shouldn't be as distracted. LOL..

17 August 2008 

So far so good. I'm getting back on track. I've got the outside outline of the wings done and I'm filling them in. The hair on the head of the baby and on the Angel are done as well. I still need to finish the baby's eyes and add a stitich of the same color to the wrist area of the Angel's gown but I'll do that before I flip the frame. I should be getting more done soon since the kids start school in the morning and swimming and Gymnastics are pretty much done on the Olympics. Other than making some cookies tomorrow. I should be sewing while the kids are in school and again after they go to bed. Whether or not I finish this Angel before the end of August is an up in the air thing. We'll just have to wait and see.

13 August 2008

Okay....So the Olympics have thrown me off a bit. I really get into watching the Gymnastics and Swimming right now. I'd get into the Equestrian events too but they are being shown on Oxygen right now and my cable system doesn't have Oxygen on the level we are paying for right now. It sucks but oh well. Anyway....I'm still working on the wings right now as well as getting a whole mess of UFOs done. Total backlogged projects done to this point.....5.....one that needs a little backstitching done on it to be finished (ran out of 796. Will be finished as soon as I get somemore) and one big piece in progress. Not bad for sewing since mid June. Of course the hubby hasn't made any progress on his yet. His mom took it from him when he told her the instructions read like stereo instructions, so I'm pretty sure she's doing it for him. He had wanted to do it before so I hope she doesn't get on my case about not doing it for him before now. I told him letting his mom do it for him was cheating but I agree that I know how she is once she makes up her mind. LOL....Anyway I'm going to go and work on the angel wings somemore while I watch the Men's All Around competition.

11 August 2008

Well I took a few days off on the Angel and managed to finish the Pearl Swan piece I was doing at the same time. I've started working on another UFO but it's not on my list. It's the word Freedom in seven different languages. I'm doing it in blue and red on white linen. The Blue and Red are close to what you would see on a new flag. I thought it a good piece to work on while I watch the Olympics. Anyway, I started back on the angel last night. I can't wait until I finish those wings. All the white is getting on my nerves, specially when the kids decide to fight because then I lose my place. Here's hoping I can get quite a bit done today. 

6 August 2008

So far so good. Doing the wings in sections seems to be working out pretty good. Here's hoping that I can finish them quick enough to not get bored with them. The only really sucky part is the kids won't leave me alone to get it done. Just for once I'd like to get the amount done that I want to get done during daylight hours. But I guess I'm stuck until school starts. At least it starts soon, the 18th to be exact. Of course with my luck, I'll want to spend the time sleeping instead. I swear....sometimes I just can't win.

4 August 2008

Well I've been trying to work on the Angel's wings for several days now.  I'm starting to get frustrated so I think that what I will have to do is mark it into several sections and do each section completely before moving on to the next. This is what I did when I was working on the skirt part that is visible on the upper half of the pattern. Hopefully this will work and I can get the wings done without having to do much frogging.

1 August 2008

Ok.....For those that have seen my post in the Cross-stitch group, you already know that my husband has given me a challenge. For those that don't know here's the short version....

  Back in May my DH put in an application to work for Boeing doing what he was doing in the Navy and the job he was leaving. We were kind of between a rock and a hard place. Either we moved with the company we were with to New Orleans and he continued to take business trips outside the country, or we take the job with Boeing and move to Nevada. Personally I'd rather stay where we are but since it's not an option he took the job in Nevada. Unfortunately we couldn't pack up and sell our house in such a short time. My DH had to be in NV by the 27 of June.

  Right before he had to leave we went on vacation to CT to see family. I took some sewing with me along with a few patterns I was missing supplies from before I could do them. My DH asked when was the last time I finished one of my stitching projects. I told him the Quiltmaker piece I did for my mom. He said "and before that?" I told him while we were living in Las Vegas I had finished about 10 projects, one of those went to his mom and another to his Aunt and the rest are on our walls. Next he asked "Ok..then what have you finished since your mom's piece?" I told him I hadn't done much because I hadn't been in the mood and that it was too hot to work on one of the pieces I wanted to finish. (I try not to do this one during hot weather since it can't be washed or dry cleaned).

 Now here's the challenge (I've been working on it since we got back from CT, 19 June 2008).......Since the kids and I are stuck in GA until we can sell the house and move west again, my DH wanted to know how many of my unfinished cross-stitch projects I can get done. I'm hoping to get a large enough amount done to be able to start new projects.  I've already got a list of 11 to finish, 4 of which are done, one is close to done and I have about 1/3 of another done. What sucks is that, as I go through my stash to get it straightened out so that I can pack it all up, or at least find things easier, I keep finding more projects to finish. LOL....Just this afternoon I found the patterns to three more pieces that I have in progress. I think I will start a box of projects to finish so I will know where the patterns and the projects are. Oh and a project is considered done if the only things left to do are wash, press, tack on things not washable, and frame.

I am trying to do two projects at one time. One small one and one big one. That way I don't get bored. Right now the small one is "Pearl Swans" by Just Nan and the big one is "Angel of the Sea" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.

 "Pearl Swans" is a band sampler with 18 bands, each one different. I have 14 bands done and have four to go. If I finish it before the Angel than I will probably move onto  mostly finished blackwork project that I started right before I went back to school......Uuuuuuhhhhhhh.....eight years ago.

 Right now on the Angel I am working on her wings. I have all of her upper body (except the wings) done as well as the baby in her arms. I don't know about anyone else butI really detest doing big areas of just one color, so I'm hoping that I can push through this part and get it done relatively quickly. It took me several months to get the skirt on the Quiltmaker piece I did for my mom. I definitely don't want to repeat that again.

Well that's all I have for today.

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