So I think the last update I wrote was in March right after Sisika's birthday party.. That's wild. We've been so incredibly busy!! Just recently our car crapped out on us which stressed us RIGHT out. We lived without a car for like.. 13 months though.. All of the newborn time with Sisika was on foot. Thank goodness the first few months were summer because we walked for hours every day. All of our grocery shops.. trips to the pool, everything. And then winter came and we still walked everywhere. I was critisized so much for taking my baby out in a stroller in the harsh winter months.. But I just tell people how well she was bundled up, and then I ask them how many times their kids have been sick in the first 13 months of their lives.. Usually it's at least a couple, and then I let them know that Sisika was sick 1 time, in the spring, and it was just sniffles which lasted 1 day. Anyways, we got a new car (new used car) today which was a relief. Once you have a car, it's hard to imagine how you survived withoput one! lol!! It's really nice! In great shape, and the sunroof doesn't hurt!

November 29th is fast approaching and wedding plans are more stressful than ever! My dress is bought though, and I've made a practice wedding cake to boost my confidence. I think deciding to make my own wedding cake was a bold chocie, but I can't wait to tell my guests, "I made that!" The trial cake turned out gorgeous. All the flowers have been bought, the venues are paid for and booked, invitations are all mailed out.. There's just too much to do!

Now my actual cake will obviously have much smoother fondant.. This is only my 2nd time using it and it's homemade, so I'm still learning. It will be 4 tiers, not 3. My flowers will be edible gumpaste Calla Lillies and Red Roses. The ones on there are some crappy silk flowers I had lying around. Here is the first cake I ever worked with fondant on.. My brother's 18th birthday cake. :)

Pretty cool huh? Yeah I rock.

Sisika is 16 months and 1 week and talking up a storm! She's running around EVERYWHERE! She handed me a bag of spinach about a month ago and said.. "Salad?" It's just so amazing to watch her figure things out. She's so smart. She loves using straws now, and she blows her nose with a kleenex when needed. She's also been throwing her kleenex in the toilet and flushing. lol! Tomorrow is Regina Exhibition and Barney's going to be there! I'm so ecstatic! I had no idea he would be there until an hour ago. She loves Barney. Weird Al Yankovich will be fun for Mum and Dad though.. hehe! Today we went to "It's a Blast" and she loved it so much. She was POOPED!

My new job is going great, it's been a little under 2 months and I love it there. It's really rewarding and I finally have a job that I'm proud of.. Not like when I worked at Time Horton's for 2 years. I finally feel like I'm making a difference which is something I've always wanted. I should say my career because I'm 99% sure that this is what I want to do. I'm just so happy with my work life, love life, family life.. Everything!

Greg and I both got new glasses! He looks so sexy in them too.. >:D I can't believe how blind I was and how I even functioned without my glasses before. As soon as I put on my new ones, it was like a whole different world! I'm glad I finally got new ones, thanks to Greg's generous benefits through the union! Greg had never even been for an eye appointment before! 25 years old!! He swore up and down he wouldn't need them.. I assured him that I've always worn glasses and I know the signs of impaired vision. He needed 2 different lenses!! Distance and reading! He couldn't believe it.. He loves them though so that's good. It just means he'll wear them all the time, which is what he needs to do!

Oh! I weaned Sisika off of nursing a little over a month ago, so that's been going great. It only took 2 days for her to get over it and I was only engorged for 1 of those days. And Greg, I am SO proud of him.. He quit smoking! He just up and decided one day that he wanted to be a better role model for our daughter and just quit! I'm only smoking 1-2 a day, but I'll be jumping on that band wagon next. One of the reasons I weaned Sisika now (I would've breastfed for 3 years, LOL!) is because I wanted to try a stop smoking pill, and not risk it getting in the breastmilk.

Hmm, what else? I have a new pet. A 3 1/2 foot long crimson corn snake named Zappa! Sisika LOVES hime. Gives him kisses and nice gentle pets!

(By the way, since I've weaned Sisika off nursing, seeing this pic is painful. I want big boobs again!!! They've gone back to normal and I forgot how small I was before! LOL!)

They've ripped out all of the carpets in our house and are replacing them with laminate. COOL! Hopefully they come and do that soon because I am SICK of care wood floors!

OH! We took Sisika to the beach for her first time last weekend. It was AWESOME! She loved it so much. I can't wait to pack up and go again next weekend.. Maybe even MONDAY! Ohhh that would be awesome. I'm so posting some beach pics! PLEASE check them out! They're TOO cute!

We got some new leather furniture for the playroom in the basement today and it looks incredible. I just can't describe how happy I am about everything. I can't wait to become Greg's wife and I can't wait to start trying for our 2nd baby in a couple of months. I think that's all I can update on right now, my brains running a little slow.. I'm pretty tired. LONG day! :p I'll try and get on here more often now that we're starting to wrap up a lot of major things that we've had on the go lately. Until next time!

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Aug. 3, 2008 at 10:44 AM

wow you are a supermama! You have talent girl i love the cakes! Your wedding is going to be beautiful!!

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Sep. 10, 2010 at 10:51 PM

I love the cake - I'm going to look for pictures of the wedding :)

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