I hosted my 2nd family reunion today and it left me wondering "why do we even have them anymore?" Thats a sad thing to say, especially coming from me. I used to love love love these reunions. This is my grandmothers side of the family. I already stopped going to my grandfathers side since he passed away. I've been a few times but it isn't the same without my grandfather there. So, it seems no one wants to host these reunions anymore. No one will volunteer anymore. Some people don't show up and sometimes for petty reasons such as being mad because we didn't take their offer to have it on their property that is another 40 minutes away. Then you have people talking about other people or saying rude things. My mother had gastric bypass surgery and her cousins husband always says stupid stuff. Last year, he asked her where her twin was. When she was confused, he explained the other half that she lost when she lost her weight. This year, she was telling me that she was thinking that some people were there to see if she gained her weight back. First thing out of his mouth was "I see you haven't gained any of your weight back." What an a##!!! Then you have the wealthier part of the family who look down on you because you don't make as much as they do...but really, do they know how much you make? They have no clue!!!

Oh there are some good things about family reunions. I love seeing my grandmother and a few other people. We have contests such as the guys see who can hit a marshmallow the farthest with a golf club. We have counting games where we fill a jar full of something and you have to guess how many are in there. The food was awesome this year. We didn't have anything that was duplicated. We had a wide variety. This year we had it at a lake so that was nice too. It was a beautiful day.

I am trying to look on the bright side and everyone did say it was a very nice reunion this year. There were a lot of older people there this year too. Now off to the next year and I am not hosting it either. he he. I do love my family and only see some of them once a year because of distance but I am soooo glad to not have to worry about hosting it next year. Wooohooo...

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