Updated pics of my garden :) I'm so excited about this year! We've had some really great rainfall and hot/humid weather, so things have just SPRUNG!

First, here's the garden just planted to give you a "reference point" lol:


And here's the garden as of this morning!


And here's some close ups of my "babies" lol.... I was wrong about the squash being zucchini, I guess - they're yellow summer squash, LOL.  The hills that didn't come up must have been the zucs... I planted tomatoes in that area when it was obvious no squash were forthcoming, LOL:

I really like that bottom one, lol.

Stay tuned for pics of my upcoming harvest (and probably some inbetweeners of how big my plants get, LOL!)









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Aug. 4, 2008 at 12:39 PM

Looks beautiful. We've got a truly abundant pink cherry tomato plant that's nearly overtaking the entire back end of the garden and our Health Kick tomatoes are getting big. Our resident bunnies ate up our bean and broccoli plants, so no harvest for those. lol You think they would have left us one of each. My husband came home one day to find the bunny actually stretched right out on it's back and nibbling on the tender leaves. It looked at my husband for a moment and then continued on with the feast. Times like these I wish I was a cartoonist. lol

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