I have been dealing with preeclampsia now for almost 4 weeks. This thursday I will be 32 weeks. I feel like my body is shutting down. All the headaches, backaches, high b/p, all the vision disturbances, and going to the doctor two times a week. Its really hard to handle all this stuff dealing with two children and finding babysitters for them. You know how when you get a feeling that some thing is just not right that is how Im starting to feel. At 23 weeks she was in the 56 % for her weight and age. Now she is in the 22% at 28 weeks. I will be able to weight her again at this thursday think god.  

I never wright journal post but not having anyone to talk to is getting kind of hard I guess you could say. Because no one really knows what you are going through except for you. I by no means want to have her this early. But if it would be best for the both of us then I wish the doctors would just hurry up and tell me something instead of just saying, "Yeah you have protein in your urine and yeah your blood pressure is high. See you next week!" They are truly starting to piss me off. Also, because I have been stuck with seeing PAs instead of my OB. It may have to do with my insurance but I dont know.

Anyways, the next time I post on here I may have had my little girl. So, we will see what tomorrow brings!


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Sep. 4, 2008 at 9:13 PM

I came to your page to check on you and see...   Now I know what's going on!   :-D  Thanks for writing this and filling us in.  GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!    Big ole hugs to you!!!       :-D


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