Just the thought, school is starting again this month depresses me.  All I can hope for is that the year will be better than last year, but I never dare hope for a good year.  You know the type of year, where you waalk into the parent teacher conference and the teacher tells you what a pleasure it is to have your child in her/his class.  Yea right, like that will ever happen.  

It is so unfair cause my son is smart, and very caring, but put him in a classroom of 20 some other students, and he just gets overwhelmed.  Then he becomes frustrated.  He is picked on for being different, a bit Aspie with sensory issues and a bit ADHD, with a dash of OCD for good measure.  Have we discussed  homeschooling, you bet.  My son and I have an agreement, if he feels he just can't take it anymore, then all he has to do is say the word and we will homeschool or look for a private school. 

So, the school year will start, and I will wait on the inevitable phone calls.  Man, I think I hate school more than my son!

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Aug. 6, 2008 at 11:00 PM

I hope this year goes as well as possible. My oldest just graduated from high school and I homeschool my 15yr old son.

Although, I am not walking in your shoes and dealing with your struggles I have had bad experiences with the public school system. I took my youngest son out (the one who is homeschooled) of public schools 3yrs ago due to his teacher hitting him and throwing his personal belongings around the room in front of his peers....all b/c he forgot to write down his homework in his journal for the day. I gave him the choice at the time also and he chose homeschool. I pulled him out the very next day and basically told them to kiss my a$$. I am so happy to never have to deal with public schools again now that my oldest has graduated. We never really had any problems with him....just your normal "boy" issues such as , "Mrs. C your son keeps farting in class and thinks it's funny", lol.......so like I said, I wish you the very best in whatever decision you and your son make!

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