I spoke with DH's lawyer on Friday and things to do not look so good.  Please pray for us.  At this point I am just thinking about the least amount of time they will give him.  I want a life with him.  After our argument about the stimulus check I talked to my pastor about leaving Mayank.  He told me it sounded like Mayank was lost and needed me to help him find his way.  Then on the Sunday before he was arrested we were in church for Anjali's blessing.  I was looking through the Bible for the verse the pastor was reading and the first thing I saw was a verse on you shouldn't leave your spouse.  I believe he's my soul mate.  i told him how he wasn't there for me this year and I needed him and he started crying and said he was so sorry.  And I said it was ok, I forgive him.  I'll show him how to be there by example. 

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