I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I am loving being pregnant. Part of me doesnt want it to end. (Not the bladder part or the physically exhausted part ha-ha.) But as I get closer to the end I find that I am VERY bad at waiting, with no plan. I need a goal and at least an outline of a plan.

This waiting, waiting, thinking, waiting is making me nuts. I keep plenty busy; (I alternate between cleaning, cooking napping and shoppping, to keep a full day!) But every stupid movement makes me stop, okay is this the first one? Was that even a contraction? Do I want him to come early? am I ready?  What do I still need to do before he's born? And the ultimate question, "what's more important, that I mop the kitchen floor or get some sleep, right now?" I mean what if I dont get to sleep tonight, I'm exhausted. I cant deliver a baby if I'm already this tired.

Oh for Pete's sake. I'm a mess. I mean really who's bright idea was it to leave the timing of all of this up to a pre-born!!??!!?? What does he know about scheduling?

This poor kid, he's going to have to be patient while I work through some of these apparent control issues. *sigh*

I really do love being pregnant...... except for the waiting.

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