So this morning i was so excited because i was going to go take Arch to Virginia lake to ride his bike and so i could walk. I had some errands to do like go pay my insurance and take Dusty's clothes to the dry cleaners. When i went out to my car i put my purse and evertything in the front seat and then i went to open my trunk to put Archer's bike in so after my errands we could go to Virginia lake. When i opened my trunk i noticed that my back Licence plate was gone so i checked the front one and it was still there so i called Dusty yelling and cussing and crying because i was frustrated. Dusty came out to look at my car and nothing else was wrong so he said lets go in and call the cops. When i pulled everything out of my car exsept Archer's bike i turned around and noticed that the front plate was the wrong plate for my car so that pissed me off. If this would have been any other day when  i got to my grandma's house or whatever i wouldnt have noticed my plate missing in the back. Sence Arch is with me where ever i go all i could think about that if i would have left i could have gotten pulled over for no back plate and then if they went to run the front plate it would be stolen or something like that and i could have gotten arrested and who knows what would have happened to Aech. It would have broken his little heart to see mommy arrested. I went to the DMV to get new plates that cost me $6.00 then i went to pepboys to get tamper proof screws for my plates so hopefully no one will steal them again unless they are walking around with an allen rench.  I'm just glad that Dusty is home today then i could use his car to get around. The cop said that they dont have alot of problems where i park my car but closer to the mall they said they are haveing problems with people jacking up card and stealing all of the tires. She said my plate will probably turn up in a couple weeks on someone elses car.I hopw i can move out of these places in April when my lease is up.


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Aug. 12, 2008 at 11:55 PM

I'm sorry hun. At least it didn't cost you more to get the plates. I know how you feel about stupid people thogh. I had my DD car seat stolen out of my car one time. We were at the store and I was only in there for about 10 minutes. So yeah, I know how much you hate stupid people. Chin up, it'll be ok.

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