I love being a mom. I love her eyes that light up when I pic her up from school as if it was the one thing she looked forward to all day. I love her laugh when i tickle her. Its the most beautiful laugh. I love that her little laugh can brighten up my whole day. I love her smile when I tell her she can snuggle with mom tonight. i love it when she plays with my hair and caresses my arm when we just lay there like she is trying to comfort me. I love her hugs and when she tells me she loves me. I love that she loves to dance, but doesnt like dance class. I love taking her to gymnastics, tee ball, swim lessons and she tells me how much fun she had. I love the proud look on her face when she does something that she knows makes me proud. I love it when she tells me school is awsome or that hannah montana rocks. I love her silly faces. I love her silly sense of style of wearing clothes that dont match. I love her hooping up a hula hoop twice the size of her. I love to hear her chatter all day. I love all the firsts. Her first tooth, losing her first tooth, her first sleepover, etc. I love how she tries to make everyone laugh by being such a goofball. I love her facination with bugs and worms even thou i really dont love that she brings them in the house. I love that she keeps me sane but sometimes drives me insane. I love that she cant keep her tongue in her mouth. I love how happy she makes me feel by doing the simplest little things. i love everything thing abt her and I love being her mom.

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